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The Maya Lumbini Story

A message from our founder, Josep Ferret

Hello, fellow meditators!

I'm Josep Ferret, inventor and CEO of Maya Lumbini. 

Years ago, I found myself searching… for the perfect cushion. You see, I’d become frustrated with my buckwheat Zafu being uncomfortable and my cotton Zabuton going flat. I’d finish meditation with sore legs and an aching back, far from a peaceful state.

Sound familiar?

My quest forever changed when I visited the Maya Devi temple in Lumbini, the ancient birthplace of Buddha, whose teachings laid the foundations for mindfulness and meditation. 

Here, I discovered dozens of Buddhist monks meditating—comfortably!—three times a day. These very special monks befriended me and shared their Zafus, which unlocked the key to the most comfortable, deepest meditation I’d ever experienced. 

The secret source of the ultimate meditation experience came from the inside… of the cushion. Unlike cotton, it didn’t flatten or clump. And unlike buckwheat, it was supportive, but still soft and comfortable. By using the same material—natural Kapok grown in Indonesia—as the very first meditators, the monks revealed to me how bodily comfort helps set the mind free.

Now, I’m happy to share our very own Maya Lumbini cushions—inspired by this beautiful tradition—and carefully tailored to comfortably support your body. It’s filled with our fluffy-light, proprietary Maya Kapok filling, which is still harvested gently with respect for both people and the planet. And as always, it meets our rigorous standards for testing and quality… guaranteed.

Our mission at Maya Lumbini is to make meditation easier and comfortableThat’s why we create the highest-quality Zafus designed to cradle your body in comfort while freeing your mind. That’s also why we care about the natural materials we source, the environment that nurtures them, and the farmers and craftspeople who work with them.

I’m confident you’ll love our high-quality, eco-friendly, thoughtfully constructed meditation cushions, and that’s why I offer the Maya Lumbini 90-Day Magnificent Meditation Guarantee along with a one-year warranty on all our products.

That’s right: I invite you to open the box, unwrap your luxurious new cushion and meditate with it as much as you’d like…a few days…every other day…every single day… for a full three months so you can experience the increased comfort and better meditation that Maya Lumbini products provide thousands of serious meditators worldwide.

If in the unlikely event you're not 100% thrilled, we’ll take it back for a full refund…no questions asked…guaranteed.

Wishing you the best meditation experience ever...



Maya Lumbini