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'Bodhi' Meditation Mat Zabuton

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"Game changer for my meditations"

—KJS., Meditation Mat Customer (February 11, 2023)

Discover More Relaxing Meditation Through Improved Comfort

Our Exclusive Meditation Mat Provides Optimal Lower-Extremity Support For Ultimate Comfort 

Ready for the best meditation experience you ever had? Our Meditation Mat gives you freedom... to enjoy your most comfortable meditation experience without sore legs, knees or ankles. Our supportive yet soft Maya Kapok filling maintains its shape over time—unlike cotton cushions—and is eco-friendly.

  • Inspired by ancient mindfulness practices, our luxury Meditation Mat is built solely for meditation.
  • Filled with our premium Maya Kapok thoughtfully cushions and supports your legs, knees & ankles to help you forget the floor... and focus only on your breath! 
  • Forget about Meditation Mats that flatten quickly with this Meditation Mat based on ancient meditation practices and materials. With its naturally soft—yet firm—Kapok filling, the meditation mat never loses its shape.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable and hypoallergenic Kapok filling is responsibly harvested without cutting down the tree and untreated, and encased in GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • With a tailored fit and multiple sizes, there’s a Meditation Mat to support your unique body shape.
  • Maya Kapok filling features a naturally waxy coating that makes the fiber slippery, allowing it to move easily to contour and cradle your body. That's why at Maya Lumbini, we’re proud to say, “It’s a custom-fit… every time you sit!”
  • Double seams and sturdy construction last through years of practice.
  • Combine with the 'Bodhi' meditation cushion or Crescent meditation cushion for the ultimate meditation experience...

  • Frustrated with your meditation? Better Filling Means You Experience More Comfortable, Deeper, and Better Meditations

    Feeling distracted by numbness or pain while you meditate rather than experiencing the inner peace you seek? Do your knees, legs and/or feet ache during and after meditation? These are signs your Meditation Mat isn’t providing enough support. Discover the Maya Lumbini difference.

    Unique Design and Superior Maya Kapok Filling Make Maya Lumbini Meditation Mats the Best Choice

    Our distinctive handcrafting and fluffy Maya Kapok filling provide optimal comfort for your legs, feet and knees.

    1. OUTER COVER: 100% Organic Cotton

    Soft, breathable sateen cover wicks moisture and unzips for easy washing. Gusseted sides and double-stitched seams add durability and maintain the cushion’s shape. Contrast welting lends a luxurious, finished look.

    2. INNER COVER: 100% Organic Cotton

    Extra inside cover provides additional protection for the plush, lofty filling.

    3. SOFT YET "NEVER-FLAT" SUPPORTIVE FILLING: 100% Eco-Friendly Maya Kapok

    Our cushions are handcrafted according to an ancestral tradition, with the traditional (and best) filling for maximum support and comfort. Unlike thin and flattening cushions, our Kapok Meditation Mat effectively supports your legs, ankles, and knees, easing painful pressure points and helping you forget the floor... Being extremely supportive, it never lets you down and will never get flat. Instead, your joints are effectively cushioned, allowing you to focus solely on your meditation practice.

    Extraction Process of the High Density Maya Kapok

    A Choice That’s Good for You and Good for the Environment

    Inspired by the Origins of Mindfulness—Handcrafted Following an Ancestral Tradition of Meditation Cushion Craftsmanship

    At Maya Lumbini, we looked to the past to create meditation cushions that offer the most comfortable, the most relaxing meditation experience you’ll find today.

    Our cushions are handcrafted following a respected ancestral tradition of meditation cushion craftsmanship. This practice inspires every aspect of our meditation cushions, from their 100% natural Kapok filling to their thoughtful and beautiful design.

    In fact, our name hails from Maya, the mother of Buddha, whose teachings ultimately formed the foundation of mindfulness meditation, long before its universal benefits were brought to the mainstream of medicine and society.

    Our Commitment

    At Maya Lumbini, we’re committed to the care of our customers, employees and the world. Our high-quality, natural filling materials are responsibly harvested, and our cushion covers are certified 100% organic. We care for workers, farmers and the planet by using responsible practices and paying a living wage.

    Simple Cushion Care Guide

    All Maya Lumbini cushions are carefully designed for many happy years of use. Our 100% natural Maya Kapok filling is both hypoallergenic and resists allergen growth. If you’d like to clean your cushion, follow our simple guidelines for best results. The Meditation Mat features a removable outer cover that can be machine washed. Our meditation cushion and Crescent meditation cushion feature an outer cover that can be easily cleaned with a damp white cloth and air dried in a sunny, breezy spot. We don’t recommend using bleach on our covers.